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Hart Slave 7.4

Protocol Stack Software/Firmware for Hart

The Hart Slave 7.4 is a HART communication protocol driver for embedded systems with 8 bit (8031, MSP430...) up 32 bit (MC32C, ARM, Stellaris...) microcontrollers. The firmware source code is implementing the HART protocol communication layer 2, parts of layer 7 and some application features thus hiding the bit and byte details as well as the timing issues from the field device software designer.

The implementation is based on an Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) to allow a time saving integration on various platforms.

The stack is written in ANSI-C providing an additional C++ wrapper and the framework for a device simulation Windows DLL.

More details are available in the User's Manual.

The protocol stack is delivered as source code. However, nobody can provide a trial of source. But you may study the behavior of the protocol software in a slave simulation which is integrated into our FrameAlyst tool, a component of the HartTools 7.4 HARTware package. For this packet we are providing a download of a 30-Days-Trial-Version. This trial-version is fully functional.

If you need more details, a contact address or a quotation please send e-mail to Borst Automation.

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